5 Trading Secrets

Want to know the 5 secrets of trading used by Cesar & Steve to become successful traders?

From my trading buddy and successful trader, Steven Gabriel, The 5 Critical Trading Rules Successful Traders Never Break.

It took me more than 10 years to learn these rules after a lot of trials and successes while trading the stock market. By trade, I am a physician, and I first traded stocks in the bull market of the 1990’s. I was doing my internship training in the beautiful state of Hawaii, and I had borrowed an additional $20,000 in student loans and invested in the stock market. I was a tech nut, and I had invested in all of the tech wonder stocks from CSCO to JDSU to INTC and AOL. In just two short years I turned that 20k in to 500k. It was unbelievable, while my co-residents were eating Ramen noodles, I was living the high life. Then, it all came crashing down and 500k turned back in to 20k in the blink of an eye.

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