“After working with Cesar my trading performance went from unpredictable and barely profitable to consistently profitable. I’ve created yearly income for me and my family beyond what I thought possible. I’ve now created the life I’ve always dreamed of for myself. I’m 42 years old and I travel and trade and work part-time as a physician. I have had the opportunity of trading from amazing places all over the world while supporting my lifestyle because of his work. Through this journey, we have become wonderful friends -sharing our passion for trading, numbers, and research. If you are a trader, this is as good as it gets.”

– Individual Investor


“There no way I’d be professionally managing money today were it not for the professional advice and help of Cesar Alvarez.  I’ve yet to meet a trader/researcher with such a superb understanding of the markets; as well as the dangerous trapdoors that await if you decide to develop your own quant system.”

– Mark Angil, Principal, RBD Adaptive, LLC – 1st Place Winner of BattleFin’s Sharpe Ratio Shootout International Quant Finance Tournament 4.0 (Pro Division)


“I have known Cesar through the Tradingmarkets Chairmans Club and had always been impressed with his ability to create and analyze trading systems. I had asked him questions over the years where I always got very clear and concise answers. I have recently had him work on some Amibroker programming issues that I had been struggling with for years. I was very impressed with his solutions and coding skills. He did a great job and was able to clearly explain the code and usage.””

– Mark Bluhm



“I have over a decade of quant trading experience and am the Chief Investment Officer for a quant-based advisory firm.

I’ve known Cesar for 8 years and he is my first and foremost “go-to” resource for financial markets research, quantified strategy development, and coding.  Unlike some theoretical “quants,” Cesar is also a trader.  He understands the markets and the real-world limitations of broker order offerings, liquidity, and order placement.

Additionally, Cesar approaches every project from the perspective of minimizing risk.  In this regard our approach to trading and investing is identical.  I know I can trust Cesar and his research integrity.”

Rob Davenport –  LCA Capital, LLC



“I’ve been following Cesar’s research since 2007.  At the time, I was actively looking for information on swing trading strategies and came across a website that showed a simple market timing system based on the VIX.  The website mentioned that this strategy was adopted from another website called TradingMarkets to which I became an active follower.  Eventually, I realized that the majority of the models they presented were engineered by Cesar.  What is so incredible of so many of the models produced by Cesar, was that they can be supported with statistics and that they were so simple in concept, which I appreciate and value in my own models.  His work is enlightening, informative and very easy to understand, and that is very refreshing to see in the Quant world.”

Ronen Marom



“I’ve only worked with Cesar briefly on the development of some mean reversion strategies. I’ve found him to be responsive to my needs and efficient at providing solutions to the challenges at hand. I look forward to continue learning from him and improving my trading knowledge.”

Individual Investor


“Cesar’s extensive software background is readily evident in his AmiBroker AFL scripts. His code is well-organized, modular, concise and accurate. While browsing his scripts, I’ve often discovered efficient implementation techniques and clever work-arounds that I can use in my own coding”

Matt R.


“I have had the pleasure of working with Cesar and the products of his research for many years. I can confidently attest to Cesar’s technical competence as well as his unique ability to combine his technical competence with relevant and timely market applications that translate directly into improving the bottom line P&L for traders and professional investment managers.

Having access to Cesar’s knowledge and extensive trading experience will likely help just about anyone looking to profit from the markets, from beginners to seasoned-pros alike and I look forward to seeing Cesar’s work benefit more and more traders as it has been successfully doing for years.”

Shijun Liu – Parker Investment Mgmt, Menlo Park, CA


“I have been corresponding with Cesar and following his work for several years. His research is first rate and his reports are clear and unambiguous. He is an expert trading system developer and programmer. Most importantly, he has discovered profitable and persistent patterns, and developed profitable and practical trading systems around them.”

Dr. Howard Bandy – Best-selling author and trading system developer.


“Cesar is a consummate professional.  He is an extremely skilled programmer with a wide variety of knowledge in computer science, from Object Oriented Programming to Database management.  He has also acquired a large amount of finance and mathematical skills to supplement his programming and has become a go-to resource on building and testing quantitative trading strategies.”

Leigh Lommen – Parallax Quantitative Asset Management