Intermediate AmiBroker & Backtesting 201

Do you have the basics down in AmiBroker but want to take your knowledge to the next level?

You will after taking this self-paced course.

  • Do you want learn how to create your own custom charts, indicators and reports?
  • Learn from a person who has been programming computers for 30 years and programming 15 years in AmiBroker.
  • Becoming a better AmiBroker programmer could save you $1,000s or $10,000s.
  • End your frustration of not knowing how to take full advantage of AmiBroker

Level up your backtesting game

Course Objective

The course is designed for those that want to go beyond the basics in AmiBroker. Learn how to create custom charts, custom indicators, custom reports, how to trade using multiple timeframes, how to scale in/out of positions and much more!

Learn at your own pace and on your own time.

  • All videos and class materials are downloadable
  • Watch them on your schedule.
  • Set your own pace through the course to make sure you learn.
  • Save time by having Cesar show you what is important to learn next in AmiBroker

About your instructor, Cesar Alvarez

Cesar has been programming and backtesting ideas in AmiBroker since 2001. For 9 years, he was the Director of Research for Connors Research where he created hundreds of trading strategies. He has taught AmiBroker at weekend trading seminars. Cesar will teach you how to use advanced features in AmiBroker.

People have paid $1,000s and $10,000s to learn from Cesar.

Included In The Course

  • Eight 45 minute downloadable pre-recorded video classes. These videos will be available to download at one per week.
  • AmiBroker files from classes
  • One and one access to Cesar to ask any questions you may have
  • A 100% money back guarantee. See below for details.


  • AmiBroker 6.0 or greater (may work with lower versions but I am not sure)
  • Daily data source connected to AmiBroker
  • Ability to program simple strategies. Comfortable with IF-ELSE statements and FOR loops.
  • A desire to put the time in to learn

Both Amibroker 101 & 201 are fantastic courses that are packed with excellent information and Cesar is genuinely interested in making sure his students get all their questions answered and have a good understanding of the material presented. The courses will cut down your learning curve dramatically as well as expose you to features of AmiBroker that could have taken months or years for you to discover on your own. Thanks for an excellent experience, Cesar

  Chris Pandolfi - CMT

Course Format

Each video will be about 45 minutes long. First I will review the previous week's homework. Next I will teach the new concepts for the week. At the end I will assign the homework. Homework is optional but if you are serious about learning, highly suggested. Homework will take most students about 30-60 minutes.

Video 1 - Optimization Basics

  • Pad & Align
  • Important backtester settings
  • Optimization
  • My optimization spreadsheet

Video 2 - Smart Optimization

  • Over  optimization
  • How to look for good optimization results
  • Smart Optimization

Video 3 - Project Files and Max Drawdown

  • How to use project files (ASPX)
  • Using SORT (my new favorite function), HIGHESTBARS and BARSSINCE to calculate maximum drawdown

Video 4 - Custom Chart Indicators

  • Using PLOT to create a custom indicator
  • Using PLOTSHAPES to add information to chart
  • Using PLOTTEXT to add text data to chart

I wanted more than just someone to show me how to click buttons in AmiBroker and write some simple lines of code. I wanted a person that has the time to teach me and answer my questions, has years of experience in programming, years of real life experience in the market, years of experience in AmiBroker in conjunction with practical application, and skin in the game. Well Cesar has this and more importantly is willing to share this information you! I highly recommend this course to all levels as with somethings in life you just need to start from the beginning regardless how knowledgeable we think we are.

Glenn Curry - AmiBroker 101 customer

Video 5 - Multiple Timeframes

  • Learn how to work with different timeframes

Video 6 - Custom Backtest Reports

  • Adding Buy and Hold to equity curve
  • Rolling returns chart
  • Rolling returns table

Video 7 - High Level Custom Backtester (CBT)

  • Custom portfolio metrics
  • Custom backtest information
  • Adding trade data

Video 8 - Scaling In and Out

  • The PositionSize array
  • Using _TRACE
  • Doing 1 and 2 time scaling

The very first time I was dealing with Amibroker, I felt really lost because there are hundreds of built-in functions that you really need to understand how they work in order to develop your own algorithms in AFL language, you must not forget that Amibroker is a complex product. I was stuck in a point that I needed some help, that's why I got into the course.
All I can really say is that the Amibroker & BackTesting 101 course was great ! The way the classes are structured gives you a solid confidence to advance and progress in your learning process of developing a custom backtesting strategy and guarantee you to understand how the built-in functions works in order to then create your own code and discover the results of your backtesting strategy.
The flexibility of the recorded classes were all I needed as a full-time university student, because it let me to continue with my day to day activities and learn Amibroker without sacrificing my studies at the university.
Professor Alvarez gives you the opportunity to e-mail him at any time for any hesitation and he will reply you very fast - believe me.
This was a great experience, I would definitely recommend to follow this course if you want to learn how to design an algorithm for a backtesting strategy in Amibroker.

Giancarlo Salirrosas M. - AmiBroker 101 customer
Economics & Finance Student
Certified Analyst by Lima's Stock Exchange

Special Bonuses

Bonus #1: You get 4 hours of email/Skype access to Cesar to ask him any questions you may have on AmiBroker, homework, backtesting or any other trading subject. A $500 value!

Bonus #2: Now included with the course are over 5 hours of recorded office hours. During these times, previous students asked questions about the homework, how to do a particular piece of code or my thoughts on testing. Lots of great material to help with your education. A $750 value!

Learn the advanced features in AmiBroker that will expand what you can test!

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Eight videos of professional instruction plus bonuses for $995


You can ask for a full refund any time before the fourth video. No reason needed. You can keep all material received to that point.

Frequently Asked Questions

I bought AmiBroker 101, can I get a discount for this class? Yes! I will give previous purchasers of AmiBroker 101 a 20% discount on this class.

Do I need previous programming experience? Yes. I assume that you can create 'simple' strategies in AmiBroker. I assume that you know how to use IF-ELSE statement and FOR loops.

Do I need a data source? Yes, you will. It can be or any other.

Can I ask questions? I highly encourage and like questions. You can ask questions during the live office hours or email me.

How do I access the course material? I provide you with a download link each week.

Do I need to go through each class each week? No. This is a self-paced course. Take your time going through it. I will be around to answer questions past the eight weeks.

Can I get all the classes right away? Yes, you can. But then you cannot get a refund.

Can I get a refund? You can get a full refund at anytime before receiving the fourth class. Simply send me an email. No reason is needed but I do like to know if I did not meet your expectations.

What if I have more questions? Click on the sign up button or the contact me page.